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Alcohol Event Request

The reservation of facilities DOES NOT guarantee that the event has been approved for alcohol beverages. Approval must be given BEFORE the facilities reservation is finalized with University Services.

Applicant Information

Date of Request:
(Due 10 days prior to scheduled event)
Requester Phone:
Requester Email:
Event Chair:
Event Chair Telephone:
Event Chair Email:

Event Information

Event Date:
Rain Location:
Event Description:
Event Start Time:
Event End Time:
Name/Type of Entertainment:
Is there any type of charge involved to attend the event?
(i.e., cost of meal, admission charge, sale of beverages, donations)
Yes: No: If yes, what is the charge?
Estimated Total Attendance:
Estimated number under 21 years of age:
Types of Beverages:
Non-alcohol Beer: Mixed Drinks Wine Other
List Food To Be Served (Required):
Beverage Manager & Servers/Caterers
(All alcoholic beverages must be served - no free access):
List Names:
Cash Bar? Yes: No:
ABC license in whose name? This person must be present at event:

Basic Responsibilities of Sponsor/License Requestor:

  1. Individuals/organizations/departments should familiarize themselves with the University of Richmond Alcohol Policy. The sponsoring groups/individuals will be held responsible for violations and penalties.
  2. Substantial food items must be available and accessible throughout the length of the event.
  3. Non-alcoholic beverages must be available and as accessible as alcoholic beverages.
  4. Check I.D.'s & identify (wristbands/stamps) individuals 21 years of age (May not be required if all participants are 21 or over)
  5. All alcoholic beverages must be served. (No free access or serve yourself)
  6. Do not serve any individuals who are already intoxicated.
  7. Maximum serving time is four (4) hours with alcoholic beverage service ending thirty (30) minutes before scheduled end of the event. (i.e., 4pm-7pm event, beverage service must end at 6:30pm)
  8. All alcoholic beverages must remain inside the approved licensed location.
  9. A temporary ABC license may be required for events. Requestor for license must be 21 years of age and must be present at the event. Applications are made at Virginia ABC Board a minimum of 8 working days prior to event. Forms are available on-line at
  10. University Police may be required for certain events.
  11. A copy of the ABC license must be forwarded to The Coordinator of Substance Abuse Education in the RC Dean's Office.

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