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Regulations for organizations/departments and approved campus guests/groups

(Refer to Procedures and Regulations for Implementation)

  • Prior to registering an organizational/departmental event on campus where alcohol is possessed, served, or consumed, a responsible key member of the hosting organization/department must be aware and knowledgeable of organization's responsibility for compliance with the University of Richmond Alcohol Policy and Virginia ABC laws and regulations. Approved campus guests/groups are also responsible for compliance with University of Richmond Alcohol Policies and Virginia ABC laws and regulations.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages in a designated campus area is limited to registered functions sponsored by recognized organizations/departments of the University of Richmond or University-approved guests/groups. All such events shall be closed to all but members of the University of Richmond community and their personally invited guests/groups.
  • University Forest Apartments and residence halls are not approved areas for organizational/ departmental events with alcohol present.
  • All University of Richmond organizations or departments sponsoring off-campus functions at which alcoholic beverages are served are expected to regard themselves as representatives of the campus community and to respect the University's valuation of personal responsibility and accountability. Although the University cannot monitor the environment external to the University campus, student organizations, departments, or individuals may be held responsible for their actions off campus.