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Sanctions for Noncompliance


All organizations/departments must be in compliance with the University of Richmond Alcohol Policy, General Policy Statement, and the Procedures and Regulations for Implementation of the Alcohol Policy.

1. Failure to follow the Procedures and Regulations for Implementation by organization/departments may result in a minimum of the following sanctions:

a. First Offense-Immediate termination of the event.

b. Second Offense-Immediate termination of the event and $100 fine.

c. Third Offense-Immediate termination of event, $200.00 fine, and loss of privilege to schedule events with alcohol for one calendar year.

d. Members of the organization/department who were involved in the violation will be required to attend an educational program and pay any costs incurred.

e. Members of the organization/department also may be charged with individual alcohol violation(s).

2. The Vice President for Student Development or his/her designee is authorized to impose any of the above-mentioned sanctions.