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Student Furniture Guidelines

Below are some common questions and policies for furniture use in the residence halls. If you have any problems with the furniture in your room or apartment, please report the problem immediately using the online request form. We will be there as quickly as possible to help you.

Residence Hall/Apartment Bedroom Furniture
  • One bed and mattress per student. Each mattress that is on a Cargo/Butler frame bed should have a plywood support piece with three slats under the plywood
  • One dresser
  • Mirrors: Some rooms will have mirrors mounted on the dresser, and others will have them mounted on the wall
  • One desk
  • One desk chair
  • One desk hutch per single student, or one standing bookcase per two students. Hutches are no longer purchased by the University and are being phased out; there is no available inventory of Cargo brand hutches.
Bunk beds

Support Services will bunk beds (where possible) upon request. Please fill out an online work order and provide your name, phone number, and dorm with room number. If you are in the apartments, please also indicate whether this is for the front or back bedroom.

  • Bunk bed pins are available in the Events Office, Physical Plant Suite B; these pins will only work for Cargo/Butler/Southwest beds.
  • Please make sure you leave enough room for the Support Services crew to get in the room to bunk the beds.
  • Both roommates must agree to have the beds bunked.
  • Ladders will be provided upon request.
  • The Support Services crew will un-bunk beds upon request and where space allows.
  • We will get to these requests as quickly as possible.
  • We are not allowed to "flip" beds for students--high beds are a potential liability to the University.
  • Single beds may be placed on two horizontal cinder blocks per corner, for a total of eight cinder blocks per bed. Each student will need to provide their own cinder blocks.
  • Bunked beds cannot be placed on cinder blocks of any kind.
Long Beds

Support Services cannot provide a long bed unless it is requested by the Housing Office. Please call 289-8471 to request a long bed and these requests will be fulfilled as long as the inventory can support the request. Please contact the Housing Office to remove a long bed and replace it with a standard-length bed.

Students are encouraged to request long beds during room pick in the spring so that the bed can be delivered prior to arrival in the fall. Please remember that you cannot bunk beds that are not the same size.


There is only one style of mattress that is built to accommodate fire codes as well as stringent safety guidelines. It is highly suggested that you bring items to enhance the comfort of the mattress such as a foam mattress, liner, etc.

Apartment Furniture

All furniture should be kept inside the apartment to avoid weather damage. Any furniture found outside will be removed, and the residents will be charged for the cost of the item.

Dining Room

  • One Table
  • Four Chairs

Living Room

  • One Butler couch with six cushions
  • Two Butler chairs with two cushions
  • One Coffee table
Room Furniture Inventory

Each room is inventoried prior to your arrival. The same furniture needs to be in your room when you depart campus. Support Services does not have the space to store any furniture. If you choose not to use a piece of furniture in your room, you will need to find an alternative location for it and make sure it is returned to your room prior to leaving campus. You may contact your head resident for suggestions for storage in the dorm.

Residents will be charged for any furniture on the inventory list that is not in the room prior to leaving campus.

The demand for furniture for on-campus and transitional housing limits our ability to provide additional pieces or exchange furniture items.