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Online Registration Services and Policies

Online registration services can be coordinated with campus event planners to set up registration forms, monitor registrations, and receive credit card payments online for University-sponsored events that are open to public.

Brandy Martin is the Registration Manager in Events, Conferences, and Support Services. She will serve as your event registration coordinator, set up online forms, collect payments, and monitor any issues that may arise.

Included Services
  • A customized on-line registration form to collect registrant information
  • Collection of all payments for registration fees
  • Secure credit card payment transactions
  • Troubleshooting of any payment or registration issue that may arise
  • All registrants will receive a personalized confirmation of registration 
  • Providing attendee receipts upon request
  • Weekly reporting of registrant information
  • Experienced registration specialist to handle customer service needs
  • Resolution of issues concerning your event registration, such as notifying attendees promptly of any event changes
  • Final conference report that summarizes all registration information
  • Accuracy and efficiency throughout the registration process

Additional services offered:

  • On-site registration (handle day-of registrations, handing out conference materials to those who are registered, knowledge of conference information and logistics)
Payment Collection

Attendees may make Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card payments online. Check payments can be mailed directly to the event registration specialist.

The registration manager will track payments, resolve issues with declined credit cards or returned checks, and will provide you with payment reports. This process ensures that all financial and accounting transactions will be secure.

Registration Set-up
  • An online registration will be created to the specifications of the event organizer. These specifications will be discussed thoroughly between event organizer and the event registration specialist, and verified in writing.
  • The event organizer will be given the opportunity to test the online registration, and make necessary revisions prior to registration being placed in "live" mode.
  • Upon approval of edits/changes to registration. The event organizer will be asked to initiate the change from test to live, which will open your registration. (via email)
  • The registration link will be emailed to the event organizer to add it to their webpage or distribute as desired. Adding the link to the webpage or distributing link has to be done by event organizer or designee in the department; this is not handled by the event registration specialist or events office.
  • The event organizer can receive reports either daily, weekly, or monthly (determined by the event organizer and the length of event).
  • Reports will be sent in either in excel, pdf, printable HTML, or tab delimited text (can be decided by event organizer).
  • Additional reports maybe requested at anytime during the registration period and, also, anytime after the registration has closed.
  • Registration information will be stored for seven years in the system.
Edits to Registration While in "Live Mode"
  • It is best to verify changes prior to making the registration live, to ensure proper testing of changes. After an event is in live mode, testing of changes may not be possible. To ensure accuracy please have all registration information prior to making event live.
  • If there is a change that needs to be made after the event is in live mode, please notify the event registration specialist as soon as possible to make edits.
Registrant Cancellations/Refunds
  • Refunds will only be issued by written request from the event organizer or other person designated in the originating department.
  • If there is a cancellation fee, it must be established by the event organizer. Cancellation fees are not required, but suggested if the event will cost the department to hold spaces or purchase materials.
Customer Service
  • The event registration specialist is here to provide customer service to the event organizer about any issues with the online registration.
  • Limited customer service will be provided to online registrants. The event registration specialist will answer simple questions about event, but will refer to event organizer for complex situations.
  • The event registration specialist will not make decisions to refund, or make payment arrangements with registrants (registrants will be referred to event organizer).
Fees for Online Registration
  • There will be a per registrant fee for all University of Richmond departments.
  • If your registrant cancels, the department is still responsible for the per registrant fee.
  • Additional fees will be assessed for on-site registration assistance and creation of name badges.
  • Additional requests may require additional charges.