Event Planning Guide

Below you will find some helpful guidelines for planning and hosting an event at the University of Richmond. If you are a student organization representative, find more event planning info here.

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  • Getting Started | Determine the preliminary event details
    • What is the event? What will you call it?
    • Why are you holding the event (think of purpose)?
    • When are you holding the event? Date and time?
      • Make sure it doesn’t conflict with important campus dates! These are listed here and on the Centralized Scheduling Service.
      • Consider religious observances as well. A list is available on the Registrar’s website.
    • Who are you trying to attract to the event? Students, faculty, staff, external community members? How many people do you expect?
      • Note that the number of people you invite from off campus may determine whether you need to fulfill other requirements including a room rental fee, insurance, etc.
      • The attendance number will affect any set up and location you choose.
      • Where would you like to hold the event?
      • Having a backup location is a good idea, especially if you are planning an outdoor event.
      • If you plan on having alcohol, make sure that the location is on the list of approved sites for consumption of alcohol.
  • Determine a Budget
    • How much money do you have to spend on the event?
    • Come up with an estimate of event costs. Review the services your event will require. Some examples include:
      • Do you need food?
      • Will you require after hours support for technical assistance?
      • Will your attendance be high enough to require staffing by URPD?
      • If the event is outdoors, will you need trash service?
      • What kind décor will you need for the event?
  • Request a Date, Location, and Additional University Services
    Select available locations using our Centralized Scheduling Service.
    • The set up and services required (food, A/V, etc.) may limit the spaces that will work for your event.
    • The Events Office staff is happy to assist in the selection of a location. Call us at 804-289-8585.
    Request additional services required for your event through the Centralized Scheduling service or by contacting the Events Office. These may include:
    • University or Heilman Catering.
    • Support Services (room setup including tables and chairs)
    • Telecom, Multimedia, and Support Services (polycom, videographer, technical assistance, etc.)

    If you plan on contracting with an external vendor, please contact the Events Office directly. All vendors must be on the University approved vendor list. This includes tent rental, stage rental, audio/visual equipment rental, etc. Note that we have recently updated our tent policy.

    Certain events may require a facility, safety and fire inspections, insurance, and other documentation. Please see the Centralized Scheduling Policy, and contact the Events Office for more information.

  • Finalize Your Event Details
    • Confirm attendance numbers with Catering and the Events Office.
    • Select a final menu with Catering.
    • Ensure that you know how to use the technology in the room.
    • If you are using an outside food vendor, make sure you have submitted and received an approved food waiver. This can be found here.
    • Make sure you have submitted any insurance requirements or inspection documentation to the Events Office.
    • Ensure your attendees can find your event location with adequate signage, which may be purchased through the Print Shop.
      • Signs may ONLY be placed on University property.
      • All signage needs to be printed on 13" x 19", laminated, cardstock, paper, etc.
      • Signs can be ordered from Printing Services (804) 289-8525.
      • Signs must be posted on stakes, or on the green sign boards located around campus.
      • Signs should clearly state the date of the event. If they do not, they may be removed prior to the date of your event.
      • Signs cannot be placed on stop signs, parking signs, or directional signs.
      • Signs cannot be placed in flowerbeds or on trees.
      • Signs cannot be placed on any of the brick walls that the entrances to the University of Richmond.
      • Sign orders, printing costs, and posting of signs are the client’s responsibility.
  • Set-up for Events

    Events, Conferences, and Support Services can arrange the setup for events scheduled through our office. Our office provides tables, chairs, and other general equipment. We will also make arrangements for customers on their behalf for other equipment or services such as AV equipment. Please allow at least three business days for most requests. Other service providers may require greater advance notice.

    General Event Equipment

    • Tables: 3-foot rounds, 5-foot rounds, 6-foot rectangles, 8-foot rectangles, highboy tables
    • Chairs Trash cans Podium

    If you have questions about event set-ups or equipment, please contact us.

  • Calendar Guidelines

    Programming scheduled through the Centralized Scheduling Service will display on a campus-wide calendar. Programming that has a confirmed or online confirmed status will be displayed on this calendar.

    For programming that is considered private in nature, consider using an event name that does not fully describe the content of the programming. For example, use "Departmental Meeting" instead of "Candidate Interviews."

  • Event Cancellation Procedures

    To cancel an event, contact the Events Office by phone or email and leave a message. You will receive a follow-up cancellation notification by an email. If you fail to properly notify the Events Office about a cancellation, you will be responsible for any fees related to the event.

    If any food was ordered through Dining Services, please also contact them directly to cancel the order.

    In case of exceptional circumstances when the University officially closes due to an emergency situation, such as a natural disaster or major power outage, all scheduled events will be automatically cancelled. If the University must cancel classes (or has a delayed opening/early closing) due to inclement weather, there are several ways to check if any events have been cancelled: