Rules and Regulations

Licensee and Licensee's conference staff are prohibited from:

  • Possession of illegal substances
  • Cooking, except in designated kitchen areas
  • Possession of animals, except when required to assist handicapped people
  • Tampering with fire system or other flammable material
  • Disruptive, destructive, or dangerous behavior
  • Possession or consumption of alcohol in public areas, and/or by attendees under 21. The University's alcohol policy is to be adhered to at all times.
  • No smoking is allowed in the residence halls.
  • Guests may not paint or alter the walls, ceiling, or furniture in any way during their stay. Any violation of this policy will result in a charge for repairs or repainting.
  • Please do not attach any materials to walls or other surfaces in any campus buildings without prior authorization from the Summer Camps and Conferences office.