Food Waiver

The Events Office will verify the availability of Dining Services, which has exclusive rights to conduct catering in our licensed facilities. While we recommend that University Catering is contacted for all served events there are times that groups or organizations want to bring in different food or use an approved food vendor. For liability reasons, we require a Food Waiver Request form be filled out and approved prior to the hosting of non-university provided events.

No food or beverages may be provided by campus organizations or off-campus vendors unless a Food Waiver Request form is completed and approved. This information should be submitted a minimum of two business days in advance in the Campus Services and University Dining Services office located on the upper level of the Heilman Dining Center. This office shares the lobby with the Post Office, hours are from 8:30am to 5:00pm and the fax number is (804) 289-8779.

To plan your event you must first contact the Events and Support Services Office at (804) 289-8585 to secure a location, schedule all events, and identify your food and beverage needs. The Events Office will verify the availability of Campus Dining or provide you with the required Food Waiver form.

To save time and frustration, please read the form carefully and follow these key tips:

  • To avoid problems check in advance to see if the vendor you wish to use is on the approved food vendor list.
  • Water, soda and juice must be purchased by the host for all campus events from Dining Services. This is a condition of our Exclusive Beverage agreement.
  • Self-service events with perishable items should be held in a location with available refrigeration. You may be required to purchase these types of items through University Dining Services to ensure items are stored properly.
  • Do not ask to bring perishable items from home. This is not permitted for safety reasons.
  • Self-service events will be limited to groups of 35 or less in most circumstances.

If you are interested in using University Dining Services a variety of catering options is available:

  • Full planning and service by Campus Catering
  • Casual box meals
  • Specialty trays and platters
  • Picnic supplies via carryout or drop-off service

Visit Dining Services for menus and services.

General Guidelines

  • Reserving Individual/Organizations/Departments is/are responsible for seeing that all University policies are met.
  • Food Waiver Request form must be received in the Campus Services and University Dining Services office at least two business days before the event.
  • All vendors/caterers must be University-approved. View the approved vendors list or contact the Campus Business Services Purchasing Office.
  • Approved vendors/caterers have provided evidence of insurance, including auto, and have provided current copies of their Virginia State Board of Health certification and business license.
  • Reserving Individual/Organizations/Departments assumes liability for event and must display the signed approved Food Waiver Request form at event.
  • Food produced at home for general, public distribution/sale is absolutely prohibited.
  • Individually pre-wrapped food items from an approved facility (a commercial/retail establishment or a restaurant) are always ok for meetings and distribution as long as they remain pre-wrapped. Food Waiver Request form required.
  • Pick up and carry-in food products from a public restaurant must be transported to campus in an enclosed vehicle, food must be kept at acceptable temperatures in accordance with safe-handling guidelines and must be consumed within two or fewer hours of being prepared or delivered. Please note: only approved vendors may deliver on to campus. Food Waiver Request form required.
  • All Organizations and Departments must comply with the University of Richmond Beverage Agreement with PepsiCo.

The University has contracted with the PepsiCo for exclusive beverage representation on campus. The contract requires the University to only offer approved PepsiCo products, stating that, "no Competitive Products are sold, dispensed, served, or sampled anywhere on Campus". Per this agreement, products can be purchased from the University’s retail outlets or Dining Services. All University units and departments are required to abide by this contract whether purchasing beverages through an approved caterer or providing their own beverages for on campus functions. For quantities greater than four cases, and/or to request delivery, advance ordering is required. 

PepsiCo products include: soft drinks, bottled water, energy drinks, juices, and Gatorade.

To order: call (804) 289-8512, Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm, at least three (3) working days prior to event.

PepsiCo products: Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Energy Drinks, and Gatorade.

By completing the Food Waiver Request form, you and your organization hereby release the University of Richmond Dining Services from any and all responsibility or liability for any injury or illness resulting from consumption of any food or beverage which Campus Dining Services did not prepare, distribute, or provide.