Key Policy and Procedure

AS OF 3.14.22 The Center for Student Involvement is responsible for key control for University faculty, staff, and students specifically for event-related needs. The procedures and rules contained herein pertain to key circulation and ensure increased accountability of individuals and departments issued keys as well as maintain a high standard of security for the University.


This policy will cover the procedures for requesting, issuing, returning, and reporting lost, stolen, or broken keys belonging to the University of Richmond, to include but not limited to buildings, padlocks, and cabinets as well as the responsibilities of all key holders. For the purpose of this Policy, the term "key" will include electronic access cards.


In an effort to improve physical security for University of Richmond facilities, a Key Control Policy ("Policy") has been established for issuing and managing keys belonging to University of Richmond. These practices have been established to heighten awareness, especially for areas that have limited access due to concerns for security, confidentiality, or high valued items. When accepting keys from the University of Richmond ("University"), the individual and/or organization is obligated to follow this Policy.

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  • Key Requests, Issuance, and Return
    • Inventory will be kept in a key management system and will be maintained by CSI.
    • Each individual or department is responsible for providing all information when signing out a key, including a confirmation email, contact information, and the key code. Providing inaccurate information could result in a $50.00 fee for failing to follow procedure.
    • Individuals or departments may only use keys for purposes pertaining to the event for which they are authorized.
    • Individuals may return keys in person to the CSI Office, or in the case that the office is closed, may return them using the drop-box located directly outside the CSI Office door. Keys may not be returned via campus mail.
    • Keys must be returned to the CSI Office by the individual or department no later than twenty-four (24) hours after the end of the event unless prior arrangements are made. Individuals and departments returning keys more than twenty-four (24) hours after the completion of their event will be subject to a $50.00 LATE FEE.
    • Records of all keys issued for event-related needs will be kept in a key management system.
    • The CSI Office will conduct a monthly key audit. Discrepancies will be handled on a case to case basis.
  • General Provisions
    • All keys circulated for event-related needs are issued by the University of Richmond CSI Office and shall remain the property of the University of Richmond.
    • It is a violation of this Policy to attempt or have any University keys duplicated. University Police have the authority to confiscate any duplicated key(s). Any person in violation of this Policy will have his/her privilege to obtain keys revoked and possible disciplinary action will be taken as warranted.
    • It is a violation of this Policy to tamper with, change, add to, or alter any University installed locking system.
  • Key Holder Responsibilities
    • Key holders shall take measures to protect and safeguard any University keys issued to them or in their name.
    • Key holders shall not loan their University key(s).
    • Key holders shall not use their key(s) to grant access to non-authorized individuals.
    • Key holders entering locked buildings or spaces are responsible for re-securing all doors and shall not prop open or otherwise disable any doors.
    • Key holders shall not store keys in any unsecured area(s).
  • Lost/Stolen Keys

    The holder of a University key assumes responsibility for the safekeeping of the key and its use. It is understood that the key will not be loaned, issued to, or made available by any other means to unauthorized persons.

    • The loss or theft of any key must be reported immediately to the CSI Office during business hours. A keyholder may contact the University Police Department in the event that the CSI Office is closed.
    • The penalty for the replacement of lost, misplaced, or stolen keys will be a $50.00 rekeying fee either charged to the individual or department.
    • If a lock needs to be changed due to a lost key, requests will be assessed a charge determined by cost of labor and materials to install.
  • Broken Keys

    Keys may be replaced free of charge if broken from normal wear. If a key breaks, the individual or department must notify the CSI Office to obtain a replacement key and return any broken pieces of the key. If the key breaks in a lock, the individual or department must also contact Facilities at ext. 8600 for key extraction/lock repair.

  • Transfer of Keys

    The transfer of keys between employees or between departments is not permitted. Keys must be returned to the CSI Office for re-issue.