University Forum Policies

The University Forum is a circular gathering area located between the Commons, Chapel, Science Center and the Dining Center. This area may be used for a variety of programs and must be reserved for some uses. It is the sponsoring organization's responsibility to inform the Events Office of all events/classes/programs in this area and request equipment/food/beverages prior to approval. Last minute requests may not be honored. In order to maximize use of the Forum area, more than one group may reserve space in the Forum pending approval from the Events Office.

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  • When Reservations Are Required

    The Forum must be reserved for events/classes/programs if one of the following applies:

    1. More than 20 people are expected to attend
    2. Food and beverages are being served
    3. Setup is required
    4. AV, sound, and/or lighting equipment is needed
  • Forum Areas Available

    The Forum is broken down into the following areas:

    Upper Forum Lower Forum

    Chapel Patio Science Center Patio

    WC Patio of the Tyler Haynes Commons

  • Regulations for Use
    1. The Forum may only be reserved by approved student organizations, staff and faculty departments, and University affiliated groups or guests (i.e. summer conferences) A reservation form may be filled out online.
    2. There is no rain location available in the event of inclement weather. You may reserve a rain location elsewhere on campus with the Events Office.
    3. Amplified sound is allowed only on weekdays between 12 – 1 p.m. and after 5 p.m. Weekends from 9 a.m. – 11 p.m. Depending on other events in adjacent area. The Events Office reserves the right to adjust sound levels as deemed appropriate at any time.
    4. The Forum may not be booked at the same time as an event happening in the Chapel or other adjacent areas due to noise concerns. However spaces can be booked in conjunction for an event.
    5. Events cannot run past 11 p.m. on weekdays and weekends.
    6. The Forum is considered a dry area; alcohol will only be permitted on special request through the Events Office and appropriate departments.
    7. If the press is invited to an event, University Communications must be notified at least 48 hours in advance or the event will be cancelled.
    8. For safety reasons, no form of open fire, burning, or combustible materials will be allowed.
    9. Sponsoring organizations are responsible for leaving the area in the condition it was found. Trash should be placed in trash bags/cans provided. All borrowed equipment should be returned to proper location.
    10. Vehicles access is prohibited from the Forum area. Use of the access road by the Chapel for delivery of equipment etc. must be approved by the Events Office.
    11. Lighting, sound and stage equipment will need to be provided/rented by the sponsoring organization.
    12. Restroom facilities are located inside the Tyler Haynes Commons.
    13. Organizations may reserve table space in the Forum from 9am till 3pm. Tables will be setup by the Events Office and will not impede the main walkway. Maximum number of tables is three with two chairs at each table. One table per organization.
    14. Outside vendors are prohibited from selling or soliciting in the Forum. Only recognized organizations may sell items for fundraisers.
  • Demonstrations and Peaceful Assembly

    Groups wishing to stage a demonstration or peaceful assembly must be aware of their obligations and abide by the appropriate University policies.