Beverage Service Procedures

Alcoholic beverages must not be self-served. There must be a beverage server(s) throughout the event responsible for the dispensing of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to those in attendance. Unlimited service of alcoholic beverages is not permitted.

Beverage servers

Dispensing of alcoholic beverages by the beverage servers will occur according to the following procedures:

  • Alcohol may not be dispensed to any individual who does not present proper age ID (e.g., wristband, stamp) for possession and consumption of alcohol
  • Individuals may not be served more than one alcoholic beverage at a time at the Cellar or at student-focused events
  • Large containers (e.g., pitchers, buckets, jugs, etc.) will not be allowed or filled
  • Beer served from a common container must be dispensed in no greater than 14 oz. increments. Cups used in serving beer must not exceed a total volume of 16 oz.

Beverage managers

  • The University may require that trained beverage or bar managers (e.g., TIPS) be hired for events. Beverage managers will be responsible for the supervision of individuals serving beverages. They also will be responsible for seeing that beverage servers are in compliance with all laws and University policies.
  • The beverage manager as well as University Police or representatives of the Student Development staff have the right to remove beverage servers from their duties or remove from the event individuals who are violating alcohol regulations or procedures

Beverage distribution for open events

  • Dispensing of alcoholic beverages must be restricted to the boundaries of the facility or approved location. Example: Alice Haynes Room proper but not the hallway
  • The University prohibits the distribution of unlimited quantities of free alcoholic beverages at events that last more than 2 hours. Use of tickets may be required at your event
  • If alcoholic beverages are to be sold, the organization/department/approved guests/groups will control its distribution by selling tickets to be used in exchange for alcoholic beverages. Appropriate food and beverage taxes must be paid. Alcoholic beverages will be sold on a cost per beverage basis. No credit or "tabs" may be run
  • If organizations/departments are to have individuals of non-legal age present at any event, University regulations and ABC regulations may require the organization/department to adhere to the following procedures:
  • An area within the approved facility must be designated an alcoholic beverage service and consumption area. This area must have some type of physical barrier at which all access and egress is controlled. This may include a partition, a roped area, a separate room, etc. Only individuals of legal age may enter this area
  • Alcoholic beverages may be consumed by individuals in the controlled area only. No alcoholic beverages may leave this area. Appropriate signage should be in place.