Event Insurance

A Tenants' and Users' Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) protects both the facility user and the University of Richmond from claims by third parties who may be injured or who lose property as a result of participating in an event. This coverage is mandatory for all third parties who hold events in University facilities, whether it's a low-risk event such as a classroom seminar, reception, or wedding, or higher-risk events such as a festival, sporting event, or rock concert. Insurance certificates must be at the University of Richmond two weeks prior to your event

How does TULIP work?

TULIP is a web-based program. If you are a third party with no relation to the University of Richmond and no institutional financial support, and you need insurance, you will be directed to the TULIP website by the events office. Upon completion of the transaction, you will receive via e-mail a copy of your application and a binder of coverage.

The University's risk management office and the events office will each receive a copy of the application (which describes the event) and a certificate of insurance. The events office will check the application against the agreement for facilities use to verify that the correct information was provided.

How do I access coverage?

The TULIP application and program has been set to default at the University of Richmond's minimum requirements and coverage limits.

Costs are based upon the risk of the activity, the number of days of the activity, the number of participants, and if there are any special requirements, including alcohol liability, participant coverage, etc.