Support Services

Support Services moves surplus furniture and equipment and performs moves connected with capital projects or departmental relocations on campus. This crew also handles furniture and general equipment setups for most campus events. Additionally, Support Services manages residence hall and apartment furnishings.

Students, faculty, or staff may request our services by submitting a work order to Support Services.

Some of the reasons to contact Support Services include:

  • Making arrangements to move furniture and/or equipment for an event
  • Making arrangements to move furniture and/or equipment for a project/office move
  • Furniture questions concerning the apartments or residence halls
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  • Preparing for General Office Moves

    Please assign one person from your office the responsibility to coordinate the move and set-up of the new office space. We will work with the department chair/director, along with your move coordinator.

    • You are responsible for packing your own office. Call extension 8585 to order packing materials.
    • You must pack the contents of all file cabinets, desks and bookcases before your move.
    • Please label everything clearly with your last name, new room number, and department.
    • We recommend that you personally move breakable and personal items including: hanging pictures, personal pictures, personal plants, and any other items that could be damaged during the move.
    • Please leave a note posted on your current office door, noting your name and the number of boxes to be moved.
    • You do not need to be present on moving day.
  • Telephones and Network Connections

    Contact Telecom/Media Support at 289-8645 with any questions you may have about your telephone, computer, and network service. They will be in contact with the department move coordinator before your move to assess the telephone and network needs for your new space.

    You will need to leave your telephone on your desk.

    • Press *8 on the keypad. This sends all calls directly to the first point of coverage, either to a department secretary or to AUDIX voice mail.
    • When you arrive at your new office, and Telecom plugs your phone back in, press #8 to clear the send calls message. Your phone will now begin ringing on your desk.

    If there are any changes in staff locations and/or moving dates, please contact Telecommunications as soon as you have that information. A minimum of two days is required for any changes in moving dates. Otherwise, service will not be available at the time you move into your new office.

  • Moving Computers

    The University Help Desk (X6400) is available to answer any questions you have about moving computers and printers in your office. Support Services personnel will physically move computers and printers but they will not unplug or un-cable equipment. Guidelines for moving equipment are as follows:

    • Shut down and power off your computer before you attempt to unplug and un-cable the equipment.
    • Label the end of the cable and the location where it is attached to the PC before you un-cable it. For example, to un-cable a printer, use a magic marker to put a "P" or other meaningful symbol on the end of the printer cable and another "P" by the port where it was attached to the back of the computer.
    • When the PC and the printer are placed in their new location, match the cable connector with the proper port. Attach all the cables and the network patch cord before you turn the power on.
    • Once you are at your new location and your computer equipment is working, you should be able to connect to the network. Make sure the cord for the network connection is attached at your computer and is plugged in the DATA outlet in your new office location. On most wall jacks, a yellow tab that has a picture of a computer on it identifies the data outlet.
    • If you are not comfortable un-cabling and reconnecting your computer, call the Help Desk at X6400. They will schedule a student or technician to assist you. Please call at least three business days before your move date to make an appointment.
  • Moving Day and Punch Lists

    A diagram of your new office furniture layout will be posted on the door of your new office. Your office will be setup according to this diagram that you have approved. Prior to your move-in date, the vendor will deliver any new furniture. If any of your existing office furniture is planned for reuse in your new office, the Support Services team will move this.

    Time is not available to rearrange office furniture on move day. Forward any corrections/ adjustments needed in your office to your department move coordinator. The move coordinator will arrange a future time with Support Services to make these adjustments.

    Contact your move coordinator with any miscellaneous punch list items for your office pertaining to construction. These items should be forwarded to your facilities project manager for resolution.

    Contact University Facilities (x8600) if you need assistance in hanging pictures or other wall-mounted items.

  • General Moving Policies
    • Work orders will be completed as quickly as our work schedule allows.
    • The Support Services crew can move items that weigh 300 pounds or less, except pianos.
    • Items weighing more than 150 pounds can be removed from an upper floor only in buildings with an available elevator.
    • Special arrangements will be required to move items weighing more than 300 pounds.


    Support Services can deliver boxes for your move. You must have an account number to purchase boxes. The cost is $1.79 per box, and all boxes are 24 inches square. Please call (804) 289-8585 or submit a work order request form to order boxes. Please provide the following information:

    • Your name and department
    • The number of boxes needed (with tape)
    • Your index and account number
    • The building and room number where the boxes are to be delivered

    Packing materials are not provided unless specially ordered in advance with an account number provided.

    Before your Move, mark each box with sequential numbers, your name, and department, noting the room number where items will be delivered.


    The Support Services group does not move pianos. Please contact the music department at (804) 289-8277 for information on a qualified piano mover.


    There is no storage available for any items on campus. Items we remove are recycled by either donation or relocation on campus.

  • Surplus Furniture and Office Equipment

    Support Services can remove surplus furniture or equipment that is being replaced, serves no further use, or for space restrictions needs to be removed.

    • Please fill out on online work order to have an item removed.
    • Leave a list of items to be picked up, the building and room number where the items are located, and your name and extension.
    • Items should be clearly labeled "Remove."
    • Items such as desks, bookcases, and file cabinets must be emptied of any contents.
    • Once the item is removed, it is not retrievable.
    • For questions, call (804) 289-8585.