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Frequently Asked Questions

Our department would like to bring in food from an outside vendor for an event on campus; must that vendor be on the Approved Vendors List?

Pick up and carry-in food products from a public, licensed facility are exempt. If products are being delivered onto campus, the vendor must meet University requirements. Note: Food Waiver Required.

Our department is hosting an off-campus event funded by the University that will require an outside caterer. Must that vendor be on the Approved Vendors List?

Yes, any University of Richmond event using a caterer at a location secured or rented by the University must use an approved vendor. Food Waiver required.

What is the difference between a restaurant and an off-campus vendor?

Public restaurants are licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia Health Department and must comply with guidelines to maintain a business license.

What makes some caterers different from other caterers?

A licensed caterer must open his or her kitchen for inspection by local authorities at any time. They must abide by rigid food and kitchen regulations, or be closed down. Unlicensed caterers never have their facilities inspected. This means the food you're buying might come from extremely unsanitary conditions. A licensed caterer always carries insurance. An unlicensed caterer usually has no insurance, making the customer liable in the event of an illness or injury.

Must non-campus events occurring on campus comply with the same guidelines if the University does not fund the event?

Our beverage agreement with Coke does not distinguish between UR and non-UR events. Furthermore, the agreement clearly states that only Coke products purchased from the local Coke bottler are to be served on the campus of the University of Richmond. This means that not only do UR events serve Coke products, but also non-UR events that take place on campus must do the same.

If someone donates beverages for our event, must they be Coca-Cola products?

Yes. The University has an exclusive beverage agreement with Coke, which reads in part as follows: "No competitive products on campus.  University must ensure that no competitive products are sold, dispensed, served, or sampled anywhere on campus."