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Here you will find different mediums of information to navigate and complete tasks in the EMS Desktop Client as well as other pertinent Scheduler information. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Changes FAQs
    1. My office is going through a staff change, how do I get Desktop access changed? Contact the EMS Administrator Carter Riddle to discuss the changes needed.  
    2. I would like to open up spaces in my area for request/booking, what is the best way to do this? Contact the EMS Administrator Carter Riddle to set up a time to discuss needs and goals. Depending on who you’d like to have access, the creation of a CATS Group may be warranted. The EMS Administrator will help determine the best course of action.  
  • System FAQs
    1. I’m getting error messages when I try to send an email, what is going on? To send an email from the EMS Desktop Client, you must be on the campus network or VPN. It is best to close out of EMS, check your connection, and then open EMS back up.  
  • CATs Groups

    The CATs Group information needs to be updated. Typically the people or person in a department who deals most with room booking has access to add people to this group. They can find out if they have access by logging into

    If a new CATs Group is needed, please reach out to the EMS System Administrator. 

    IS has information on how to add/remove members here: CATS SpiderTechNet Article


    Add Members

    1. On the edit view, use the Search by last name field to find an individual that you would like to add. When you start typing in the field, a list of matches will appear and you can select the individual that you want to add. 
    2. Once you’ve selected the individual, click on Add Member
    3. Confirm that the individual is now in the members list. 

    Remove Members

    1. On the edit view, locate the person that you want to remove. Click on the red minus sign button. 
    2. A confirmation window will appear to confirm deleting that member. Click on Delete Member
    3. Confirm that the individual is no longer in the members list.