Reservation Process

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  • Student Organizations

    All approved UR student organizations must have an Events Liaison. This representative is the designated person responsible for reserving event space for the organization.

    Each organization is encouraged to have two representatives. The exception to this is Sororities, where only one representative is required. A student can be the representative for no more than two organizations.

  • Reservations During the Semester

    Request event locations using the Centralized Scheduling Service.

    If the request for a reservation can be honored, a confirmation notice and any other necessary forms will be sent directly to the organization contact.

    Normally, it is a good idea to submit requests as early as possible so that the room requested can be honored.

  • University Departments and Offices

    Any staff member of a department or office can make a reservation request.

  • Equipment Needs

    Use the Centralized Scheduling Service to request equipment and services required for event programming.

    Examples of Event Equipment

    • Flipcharts
    • Chairs
    • Round Tables
    • Rectangular Tables
    • Podiums
    • Sound
    • Trash Cans
    • Easels
  • Holidays, University-Scheduled Breaks and Maintenance

    Religious Holidays (including Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur)

    Only department- or organization-specific events may occur during these times. Events that are open to the campus community or the general public will not be scheduled during religious holidays.

    Winter Break

    The University is officially closed from December 24th through January 1st. Events will not be scheduled during this time. (Dates subject to change according to Human Resources’ calendar. Please check with the Events Office.)

    Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Spring Break

    Events may occur during this time but there will be limited availability for food services and other resources.


    Following Commencement, the University will shutdown the hot water and air conditioning for three days to allow for repairs. There will be limited availability of space, food services, and resources during this time.

    Staff Appreciation Day

    The University closes at noon on the first Friday of August to allow for electrical maintenance and upgrades. No events will be scheduled after noon on this day. (Date subject to change according to Human Resources calendar, please check with the Events Office.)

    Study Days

    During study days, student organizations may meet but are limited to one hour for events - this includes events for students scheduled by departments.

    Exam Days

    On an exam day, meetings and events with student participation are not allowed except with permission from the VP of Student Development.