Alcohol Policy General Statement

Members of the campus community and campus guests who choose to consume alcoholic beverages are expected to do so responsibly and in consideration of the consequences to self, others, and the community-at-large. Every individual is expected to recognize the potential for alcohol abuse whenever alcohol is consumed, and that such abuse is absolutely at variance with the mission of the University. To mitigate abuse, the University has established policies and regulations to limit the use of alcohol and to regulate the consumption of such beverages on campus. Persons who infringe upon the rights of others, who conduct themselves in a disorderly manner, or who damage or destroy University property shall be regarded as irresponsible in their decisions, accountable for their actions, and subject to disciplinary and/or criminal action.

The regulations and practices governing the use of alcoholic beverages apply to all members of the University community, guests and visitors. The primary responsibility for knowing and abiding by the provisions of the University's alcoholic beverage policy rests with each individual.